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SN95 Chris' 351w Swapped 1995 Build Thread Profile - SN95 Mustangs


Tramps like us, Baby we were born to run...
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Brighton, Colorado
Ahhhh, to be young again.

Beer is my #1 enemy. Because I am so big, I guess, I drink like a fish. Six is where I just start to feel anything. A typical night of drinking on the weekend with friends is 15-20 beers. That's anywhere from 2000-3000 empty calories.

Not that I'm advocating anything here but as a general comment, if you drink Martinis, you get buzzed quicker and much better on the calories that a case of beer!

Good luck with engine. Looking pretty good so far!
Man! What a great day!

My engine builder called me Monday afternoon and told me that the engine was pretty much finished. He had a guy whose engine was supposed to be on the dyno ahead of me, but they were still waiting on some parts. Asked me if I wanted to run it this week. Obviously, yes! But I was supposed to be going to Nebraska for work on Wednesday. I was able to delay my trip by a day and go dyno this bad boy. And it didn't disappoint!

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Tuesday night, they put it on the dyno and used their 850 cfm carb to test fire and run it in. Figured if it was gonna window the block, they might as well know that before I took a day off work. After a little tuning and timing changes, it ran out to 645HP on 110 octane race gas.


When I brought the Holley Sniper to them today, we installed it, put in some 93 pump gas, and played with the tuning. Peak power at 635HP!


This particular pull went to 7300 where it was STILL making great power. Another pull starting at 3700 showed 500 lb/ft!

This year is gonna be fun!
Got some small things done today. Test fitted everything and got the accessories mounted. I really like the low-mount alternator bracket. Looks killer. I wish the guy who makes this would finish the power steering bracket so I can get rid of the ugly bracket on the other side.


We had a problem on the dyno that took a little figuring out. On the first couple pulls, the Sniper was saying that the Injectors were operating at 164% duty cycle and something like 660 lb/hr of fuel. Obviously, that wasn't right...the Sniper is only capable of 400 lb/hr of fuel. Turned out that the passenger side rear injector had come unplugged! This is apparently a fairly common issue and the solution is just to put a zip tie on the injector and wire. I still have my doubts as to whether the piston in the old engine cracked only recently, but if it did, that was likely the cause. I had the O2 sensor in the driver-side collector. So if they were getting more fuel than the passenger side, it's possible it was leaning out the rear passenger side and the Sniper had no idea. You would think that a shared plenum like a single plane Vic Jr would still be ok, but at high RPM, maybe the injectors simply couldn't keep up. Hard to say for sure. Thankfully, we figured that out quick on the dyno since we had an O2 sensor in each header collector and the Sniper sensor in the #3 cylinder header tube.

So I cracked open the Sniper today and went ahead and zip-tied them all on to eliminate the possibility that it happens again.
Busy day yesterday. Installed the MGW shifter. Got the flywheel, clutch, pressure plate installed.
Then got the engine thrown in, bolted up.
Even got the PITA headers completely installed. And a bunch of other smaller things. I didn’t stop and take photos, it was go go go all day. I’m on a bit of a time limit.

Also picked up the correct length belt tonight. And installed the fan assembly and overflow bottle. I’m officially to the “piddly” stuff. I went ahead and filled it with oil to make sure I don’t forget later 😅

I’m ready to get this thing driving. I still have a pretty good amount of stuff to do. The brake system needs a prop valve still. Starter needs installed. Pinion angle needs checked and adjusted. Clutch cable needs adjusting. I need to properly install the Holley Sniper wiring. I have a full set of mechanical gauges that need installed. Still have some wiring in the engine bay that needs to come out. New mount for the alternator means I need to redo the alternator wiring a bit. Needs some hoses and things.

Exhaust will need work. One of my issues with the 1-3/4” headers I have is that the collector is a full 3”, but the flange necks down to 2.3”. Would that have made a difference? I have no idea. But I’m going to a mandrel bent 3” exhaust with x pipe and DynoMax Bullets, so I want a full, real 3” exhaust. I’m going to have the flanges cut off and V Band clamps installed.

And that’s just what needs done before I take it AutoCrossing next month.
Spent some time this week redoing the throttle linkage, removing the old wiring that wasn't being used anymore (along with the rest of the garbage under the passenger side fender), running some wiring, installing belts and's tough for me to get the motivation to do the piddly stuff, but I know I got to stay after it...T-Minus 3 weeks until it's re-debut at the local AutoCross.

Finding all the weight over here...Charcoal canister, solenoids, computer, and wiring took about 10 pounds out of the car. Not even 10 pounds I had planned for either.


I almost have the engine ready to fire up again. Just got to install the starter, finish wiring the Sniper, put in 1 BH bolt I can't reach from the top, put a lower radiator hose on, and fill it with coolant.

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