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SN95 Chris' 351w Swapped 1995 Build Thread Profile - SN95 Mustangs

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Kansas City, Missouri
Your fuel system looks like a pretty typical "street/strip" setup. I wouldn't say there is anything wrong with it, it's just not ideal for what you're doing with the car. IMO the A1000 is WAY overkill, I'm running a Walbro 255hp from LMR and making 500whp. Like you though I'm running into fuel starvation below ~3/4 tank on left hand turns. I think what I'm going to do is just run a surge tank in the trunk. Either fab one or there are several companies that make them ready to go. Deatchwerks and Radium immediately come to mind.

Get you a stock tank GT or Cobra tank with a 255 in it and then run a surge tank with a 340lph pump and that should me more than enough. This is exactly what I'm planning to do. Just my $.02
Finally made it to some autocross events this season. One weekend in July and then again this past weekend. Car feels pretty good right now. Other than installing the MM rear sway bar, which will happen someday, I'm not sure it needs any changes. I'm not even 100% sure on that change. At our Stuttgart location in July, which is grippy concrete, it felt like I didn't have any traction. I think I did, I was just going fast enough through some turns that it felt like I didn't. But when it did lose traction, it felt like the whole car was doing a 4 wheel slide. At the (much smaller and tighter) Jacksonville course this past weekend, the car felt really good, but there were a couple of places where it was an understeering pig. I think I want it a little looser than it is right now, but it's getting pretty close. Worst that happens is I try it, don't like it, and go back to a lighter setup (but I think I will stick with the MM style setup either way, just may have to back off from the 1" bar).

Photos from Stuttgart event (including my "getting used to Autocross again pics...):
From our new, small Jacksonville site:

Photographer didn't get any photos of me on the second day, unfortunately.

There was a guy doing some video on his phone that captured a neat shot of me coming out a sweeper, dodging a couple of cones, and then jumping on the throttle, lifting a tire in the process. It was literally just for a split second, under the right combination of transition and throttle, but I thought it was pretty cool.


I guess I said no other changes except the rear sway bar. But I think I may up the camber in front a bit. I am at -2.5* right now. I told the tire shop -2.5-3* when I went there on kind of short notice (I wasn't sure what they would be able to get without anything rubbing and it was a day or two before I needed to leave for Hallett). However, I am seeing some outer shoulder wear at -2.5* that I didn't have when I was running the 275s at 3.2*ish.


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