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Cleaning chrome muffler tips?

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My mufflers got out of alignment a while back and melted the bottom bumper panel and dripped plastic on them, which cooked and turned black.
I put gold exhaust heat wrap (3M) around the tips after re-aligning them and one of the wraps came off, so now I got burnt glue on it.

My question is, what is the best way to clean this chrome muffler tips? Probably need to dissolve the plastic residue off them (I scraped off what I could)
and then some kind of solvent to clean them?

btw, anyone heard from Justin lately? He's been MIA for a while.
darreng505 said:
btw, anyone heard from Justin lately? He's been MIA for a while.
I just chatted with him. He's doing fine just been busy.
this might work, run the car a bit until tips get warm then use rubbing alcohol?
goo gone should work fine as well, then finish it off with some metal polish.


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I use Mothers Mag and Aluminium polish. If I had the same issue as you I'd drop the mufflers and after cleaning them as best I could with "Goof Off' (has solvents that eat into plastic). I'd go at them hard with my electric polisher and the Mothers polish. It's coarse enough to bite into anything on the metal and could (?) possibly bring it back to a like new shine. It'll take out small scratches also.
I've been using the Mothers mag polish for a couple of decades with excellent results. A couple years ago I purchased some Eagle mag polish and it didn't work well at all and wouldn't clean my tips. I went out and purchased a new jar of Mother's and it cleaned mine up, and the back of the muffler, with little effort. I didn't have any plastic melted to mine though.
This is similar to melting boots on motorcycle exhaust.

Get the tips warm...really the point the plastic begins to melt again. Remove all that you can (with a putty knife if necessary).

After that some people report good results with oven cleaner (don't get it on the paint...or plastic for that matter probably). Some straight acetone may also help and try some fine / very fine steel wool.

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I think the above suggestion is good. The only things that are going to get melted plastic off are heat and mechanical means like scraping or sanding. I'd think solvents would be good for the glue.
metal polish.jpg After reading all the suggestions above and internet searching to see where I could purchase the right metal polish, I went with Mothers Mag & Aluminum Polish that I found at my local Ace Hardware and the results were great. No drama, no mess, really inexpensive at around $8 and it will last forever as very little is needed.

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