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Clear Bra, how much area to cover advice?

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Really thinking of getting this done. Just wondering how much of the front to cover, and how far up the hood would be best. Thanks in advance fellows.

I had the front 12 inches of the hood and front fenders dones. It's really saved that part so far especially on the track. I weighed the cost of doing the plastic front clip/bumper at another $300 versus the cost of repainting it which wasn't much more. I figured I'd be in for a repaint about the same amount of time as replacing the clear bra because I've been told they only last 3-4 years? Anyway, the front clip is getting hammered pretty good from the track already so if I had to do it again, I might add that part. The leading edge of the roof seems fine so far and I haven't seen any chips on the hood yet past the bra.
Look at buying "tracwrap" for the front end on track Ive used it twice and it works awesome. It's a bit expensive $99 for 40' but it works great. Also works for road trips too. It pulls right off. There is cheaper stuff but this is 7mil so it provides more protection.
I went to a Llumar installer. Their film is guaranteed for life. I had about 6.25 inches on the hood, the front bumper, headlight, the pillars near the grille, the mirrors, and fenders for $350.00. I also had them tint the windows, same lifetime warranty. So far, all the bugs lucky enough to meet my Boss, have been on an area with film. ;D

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