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Clear Bra? Over Stripes Yes or No

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I am droping off my GB Boss for a clear bra tomorrow and I am wondering about the stripes. I think I don't want to have it applied over the stripes.

For those who have the bra cover the stripes yes or no.

I plan to have them do the headlights, door handles, rear valance around the faux gas gap.

Are there any other areas that should be done?

Thanks Paul
No. If you remove the clear bra you risk the chance of removing the stripes with them. Any installer should know this. Good luck.
The "good" installer (my friends use him for their exotics) out here told me that he will not do clear over the stripes, as it will cause damage if taken off. The other installer said he would but wouldn't guarantee no damage. YMMV

Top of the bumper is a good idea.
add the mirrors and have them put a thin strip down door edges. Do not put over stripes. One other place I thought about but did not do was the A pillars and it is the only place I now have a chip in.
if you clearbra over stripes they will be shiny. they do have matte clears but a matte clear will make shiny paint matte. if you used both there'd be way too many cuts going on.


Zaino, I put that $hit on everything
Not over the stripes.

When I get my Boss my 3m will NOT go over the stripes. Will do the typical front end coverage and mirror caps.

It will be going over the black rear panel between the tail lights, and at least the vertical faces of the tail lights.

I will also have the "POWERED BY FORD" insert on the scuff plates covered as well.

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