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clutch assist spring removal

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I was wondering if the clutch assist spring is removable on the Boss? I just picked mine up a week ago and I looked briefly and I didn't see a removable spring like there was in my C6 corvette. Can anyone help me on this issue? If it's removable and how to do it? Thanks!
Welcome to BMO. Yes you can remove it and there's a few threads on the topic. Here's one.


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I have taken it out on my boss with needle nose vise grips. easiest way by far. easy to reinstall with it as well.

now I found it didnt help my clutch issues and made the pedal feel like crap. Which reminds me I need to get around to installing that GT500 pedal assembly
so let me get this straight. u just used the needle nose vise grips to compress the spring and pull it out? did it brake the white plastic piece the spring is sitting on? Thanks!
I took mine out. A friend actually did it for me. The white piece didn't break. I thought I liked how it made the clutch feel firmer at first but I am starting to change my mind. I also haven't tracked it since I took it out so I don't know if it really did anything. Will definitely look into changing it out in the future.


Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
there is a thread around here some where detailing how to do it with the needle nose vice grips. I didnt like how it made the pedal feel at all though.


Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
And that's why I never removed mine. Clearly this is a band aid fix at best.
the 100% fix is to swap to a T56 XL lol. That is what my next move will be in the future before I strap a blower on it :)


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Re: Re: clutch assist spring removal

Justin said:
the 100% fix is to swap to a T56 XL lol. That is what my next move will be in the future before I strap a blower on it :)
I agree if I decide to keep the car and add a power adder it's definitely something I attend to do.
Removing it definitely makes the clutch stiffer. I like it because it no longer binds and has a consistent resistance for the full movement. The assist spring tries to mimic a compound bow draw, except in a shitty implementation that binds.

I used the write-up post to familiarize myself with the layout before I tried to remove it, and there is one thing you have to watch out for. The bolt that holds the assembly together has a flat section on each side and will not come out if you don't have the flat orientated right and unload the spring tension. The bolt head has a flat spots to indicate where the flats are on the bolt.

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