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clutch Noise?

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I get this noise at low speed which I think is a clutch noise. it's seems to be when the car is lugging. example- shifting in to second to turn into my street. I had noticed it more since installing the MGW shifter but don't think its the cause. Don't think it anything to worry about just curious.
Did you use the sound dampening when you installd the mgw? Did you get the heat shield? It will be louder then the stock shifter.
I get that clunk going 1st to 2nd as well, in a stock boss.

a friend of mine said it might be the 2-piece drive shaft. But I it think its more transmission related, as the clunk happens when going to 2nd, before clutch is engaged.
There is a clunk from the two piece driveshaft alot of guy's say going to the one piece driveshaft makes the car much better as for the clunks.


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the clunk I would get with the two piece was getting on and off the gas or pushing in the clutch at low speeds. Since I have the DSS one piece shaft I dont get that any more. Still can here the pressure plate disengage but there is no getting around that noise.

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