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Clutch slipping

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I just made a trip to pick up some grub, 4 miles maybe from our fine KFC facility( ahem ) I was letting clutch out engaging 2nd gear and half way up it felt like it slipped. I thought, maybe oil on the road? When I got home and started pulling into the drive way the same thing happened, half way up, only this time I smelled clutch and I wasn't revving it either, not good. Has anyone had this happen? I think I'll wait for the dealer reply to my email before I drive it again. It seems as if somethings starting to give out at the 10k mark. I don't drive this car hard but once in a while and it's never been tracked so I know it's not stressed by a long shot.The build date was June 2011 so that afters the TSB with the clutch problem unless mine slip through the cracks. We shall see.
Mine has a few times, only when hot. It would pause half way up, pulse a couple times while it slipped, until I got my foot under to pull it up. Regular bleeding of the clutch fixed it as far as I can tell, you can try pumping the clutch about 100 times as it is supposed to bleed itself a bit with each pump. It is possible after 10k miles it has gotten air in there. I never had it stick to the floor, just stuck half way. With that many miles, if you have never bled it, the once in a while spinning the tires or however you define running it hard can add up. If it is the clutch itself, those are usually considered wear items and not covered by warranty unless it is right at the beginning, unfortunately.
I probably didn't explain this correctly. As I let the clutch out about half way it will slip then grab again. Some where in the middle for about 1-2" the clutch lets go and reengages as I release the pedal. I've been driving a manual 30+ years and have never had this happen. I'll try pumping the clutch about a hundred times. I did just get back from a 1600 mile roadtrip to the south may be it doesn't like being driven for 11hrs straight.
Just went out to try your idea caliMR and the first thing I notice was a hissing sound when I pushed the clutch in all the way, I can hold it to the floor then the hissing stops after 30sec's or so. Also when I started to back up it sounds like back brakes do when there stuck to the rotors. After pumping many times it still made the hissing sound which reminds me of a power steering pump at the limit. Any thoughts? Don't think I want to drive it at this point.
I'm no clutch expert, I only know what worked for mine. Part of my issue was a leak, part of it is bad fluid I think (it turns black if I pump the clutch a lot or put vacuum on it, then goes clear after sitting). My next step now that my leak is fixed is flushing the fluid. Your problem sounds different from mine. I don't know if mine hisses, I can test it but I don't know that I could hear it with the pipes open. You had the car running right? If not, it might be the pressure bleeding out from the check valve like happens with the brakes. I did notice I have a hiss when I rev the motor over 2500 rpm but I don't think it is related, and hope it is normal
Got the car back from the dealer and it was well behaved so they didn't find anything, they didn't charge me either so that was cool. I was told the hissing normal and the guy that checked it was their Mustang guru. I mentioned to the SM that if my clutch wears prematurely it shouldn't be my responsibility to foot the bill for a new one and he said if possible, bring it right over if I have this problem again so it can be documented. Works for me. Time will tell.

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