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"clutch stayout" problem

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I thought I was going crazy, but now that I'm doing some research it makes a bit of sense. According to the TSB, this was supposed to have been corrected in units manufactured after 4/25/10 but my car is doing the exact same thing on ocassion. Anybody else having the same issues?

Do you mean it stays stuck to the floor? Is it at high RPMs? There are some people here with that issue, I don't recall what the threads are named but there were a couple.
yep, if you mean the pedal sticking issue at high rpm, i have that problem on the 3-4 shift in my car. it only happens at red line though. i don't spin the car to red line since the torque peak is much lower down anyway so it doesn't bother me any more.


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mine seems to get stiffer at high rpms no matter the gear. then if I "clear" it by pumping it a few times it goes away. almost like there is air in the system. hasnt stuck to the floor yet but is slow to return from mid postion up sometimes.

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