Cobra Jet Intake on a 3v?

Discussion in 'S197 Technical Forum - GT, Boss 302 and GT500' started by ChrisM, Aug 9, 2019.

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    May 29, 2017
    Kicking around ideas, would a Cobra Jet cold air intake for a second-gen S197 bolt up to a 3v with the Ford Performance throttle body and relocating the power steering reservoir? Not the entire manifold, obviously, but just the intake. Looking at the description, Ford says the intake is compatible with the 2007-2014 GT500 throttle body (part number M-9926-MSVT). That throttle body is compatible with the 3v manifold with an adapter plate. I know the 2010 GT 3v has the power steering reservoir in a different location. Can that be done to an earlier 3v in order to fit the Cobra Jet intake? I wonder if there'd be any gains to be had there over, say, the Bullitt intake.

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