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Coilover Application Question

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I have noticed that some coilovers for the S197 Mustang are only 05-09 and some are 05-13 I do understand that this could be because the valving and the spring rates are different because of the weight/balance of the 10-13 and I also understand that the front struts/mounts are different between 05-09 and 10-13.

So, my question is, if the front coilovers are said to fit 05-09 but come with top mounts, should they fit my Boss? I talked with someone at the coilover company but they weren't very helpful in answering this question so I thought I might throw it out here. Thanks.


Too Hot for the Boss!
As Drew mentioned, there is no physical difference in size, shape, mounting for S197 dampers.

If you look at top shelf dampers (AST, Moton, Ohlins, Bilstein, etc) they will show one fitment for S197 chassis.

If you look at standard, street style dampers (Eibach, etc) they will most likely have a 2005-2010 and 2011 - 2013 fitment which will most likely have a higher rate spring in the front (as these kits usually include progressive rate springs) and (very unlikely) different valving in the front to account for the slight weight difference between the chassis.

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