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Had a fun weekend at my local track :D Ran with a friend in his LS and another forum member got his orange Boss out on track for the first time. First time in a while I have seen everyone leave happy (except me and my times ::) ) as the day was incident free.

Had a strange set of coincidences happen looking back at the day, first this Porsche goes around in front of me, no big deal

If you don't want to see the whole vid go to minute 8
.... and yes I know I was lucky not to spin myself with that exit ::)

Then I thought about it and not only was it a Porsche in front but the same exact car was right behind me again from this vid and he is fast, I'm just glad he has good brakes ;D

Coincidence number two, very next session


Different angle from the car behind

Then later I found out that during another session it was this drivers wife who ran off the track in front of me in the same turn, Coincidence number three

Anyway here are a few other vids, best time (off the vids) I saw were a couple of 132's, not what I had hoped for with the slicks on.



On to Sebring next week, then a little break!
Wow, I think I would have considered myself lucky and stayed in for the rest of the day. With beer.

Good job though. What kind of slicks did you run?
Hoosier/Conti Grand-Am take-offs. Actually running a set off the 61 car of Billy and Jack Jr that won the Daytona race - Woo-Hoo- but I am not as fast :(

It may look worse then it was this weekend, down side is you follow close in that turn with slower traffic so not a lot of room to brake, good side is the the track is very wide so I was able to get around safely.

You made up you mind on the Sebring event yet? I hope you make it here, I assume we will be running the same group and I can some nice vids each time as you lap me :D

Added a second view vid from another car
Looking good. How's the shifting/clutch issues?
Thanks, shifting was not too bad, no issues on 3-4 at limit and this track has plenty of these. The same old 5Th gear lock out but did not bother me too hard this day, seriously I think I am getting more use to it but it would be nice not to have to spend the extra time going to fifth. I know I actually missed fourth with the MGW installed once ... DOH!!....

Clutch has been working well since it was replaced and I added the high flow line but only time will tell as you know.

I did have another issue with codes and limp mode, being fixed by my excellent service dept and help from you know who ;D I had a friend from my dealer show up and helped me out during the day, old time racer. Sometimes I feel like I spent half a million on this with all the support out there. Even if there are some issues I still finish each day.
It is hard to say, yes I felt a difference when installed and glad I did it but the problem was intermittent so I am not sure if it will help in the long run. If I had to guess I would be on the positive side for now.
Is there any sort of restrictor pill in the clutch system? Tuning or removing the pills was very common in several other cars for track use.
Another Coincidence is we are both in Florida and have Yellow Blaze B2's and are both named Scott. I have had a couple PM's and phone calls from members trying to get a hold of you. I refered them back to the forum. I hope I don't start getting your bills. I have enough of my own. But if your checks start arriving here that's another story.!!!

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