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Concept heat extractor for '12's

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I did a photoshop mock up of how I hope some clever shop engineers a new hood with heat extractors (based on the OE hood) for the '12's.
The bulge is already there for it. And yes, I swiped the heat extractors off a picture of a ZL1. My PS isn't that great, but you get the idea.



Its in the middle of the hood. But its sorta faint. Look at a pic of a ZL1 as it has a similar hood.


Yeah, not sure about the clearance but I think it's there. Here's one with the 13 vents added. Looks better actually.
Some shop could do this as a custom mod to your existing hood. It would be nice.

I have done some daydreaming about it recently, and I would like something more along the lines of the GT3 or GT500 vent. In theory it would provide aerodynamic benefits (Porsche has written quite a bit about it, though whether it is true is beyond my aerodynamic knowledge) by providing a boundary layer and the turbulence over the hood reduces lift and the drag from the windshield. Or something similar. Kind of like the vortex generators on imports.

My GIMP-Fu is weak (PS is expensive lol) but here is sort of it. The actual GT500 one I don't think would look good, but something similar might work assuming that it is far enough back to be behind the radiator but before the hump. The hump makes it hard to get a clean place to put it.



Does anyone know why the hump is there at all? Is it needed to provide clearance or just aesthetics?
I think the Tiger hood does a gt500 style depression-type heat extractor (no hump).

PS. I use GIMP too, but I call it photoshop since most people don't know what GIMP is (GNU Image Manipulation Program)....I use linux! :p
I think it is cosmetic, but it is there so modding a stock hood would require dealing with it. I like the tiger hood but my understanding is that you want the vent as wide and close to the leading edge as possible for maximum aero affect as well as venting. But it is probably possible to be to close up, and cause a cavitation-ish affect because the air doesn't have space to angle up and just stalls under there. Really I would like the type like the tuners put on NSXs where there is a well behind the vent (don't know how better to explain it) but I don't think there is room between the radiator and the motor and it would look horrible with he stock hood due to the bulge. I'm not a huge fan of the bulge anyways, so if I went aftermarket I wouldn't mind losing it. But I haven't actually had cooling issues yet so saving my pennies.
Because I hadn't seen it before. Doesn't seem to have the louvers under to keep water out but not a big deal, can make some sort of pop on cover for rainy days lol

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