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Cool Tech - Front & Rear Tow Hook Kits

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Our front and rear Boss 302 Tow Hook Kits will be available for purchase in another week or so. Prototypes are finished and mounted on our 2012 (shown). The jigs have been made, and I will have them out of fabrication and over to powdercoating next week. I’ve enclosed several pics of what the front and rear eyes will look like when mounted.

We elected to do a design that is as close to what we thought the factory would do. We examined several European cars to see what they had done and where they placed their attachment points. In all cases, we found that the mounts were consistently to one side of center and almost always aligned with a frame member for maximum linear strength. Also, production tow eyes were consistently at bumper height for best access in the unfortunate case that the car is of track and into a dirt or gravel berm. Like the OEMs, we wanted to make the tow eyes removeable but we wanted to make them as strong as possible when installed. We considered multiple different thread pitches and sizes – ultimately choosing to use the same thread type and size as used by BMW. Our kit will include a flush-mounted plastic plug to cover the access hole – again, much like the OEMS do it today. The plug may be painted at the owner’s discretion. Admittedly, we have it easy with a black car where there is no need to paint the plug. We will offer the tow eye mounting kit for both the front and rear of the Boss and each will be available simultaneously. Both kits may be purchased with an optional screw-in tow ring. (Pics are shown with a popular tow ring utilized by BMW owners.) Alternatively, buyers may select any tow ring compatible with a BMW - including the BMW OEM ring (arguably the highest quality).

We will have an early-bird-special, all-in-one kit which will include front and rear kits and two of the pictured thread-in tow rings for a package price of $299. Tow rings will be available in black, red, or blue.

The normal price for the individual front and rear kits will be $159 each, or $179 with the pictured tow ring.



Any pictures of the attachment points, front & rear? What's involved in getting these installed?

We are mounting to the end plate of the frame rail - both front and back. Install time should be well less than an hour in the front and back. It is a very strong area of the car. Our components will be powdercoated in a fine-grain black finish and the hardware is all stainless steel. Once the plates are mounted, you can use a method like we did (see pic below) to mark the inside of the bumper skin for drilling. Notice in the picture that our threaded boss is protruding in an existing void in the OEM styrofoam. We are investing how and if we can include a similar tool in the kit to aid installation.

Damn, that’s a nice looking setup, only problem I already have tow hooks!

Too bad this wasn't available 10 months ago........

Once again you have the nicest parts out there!
How do we order the early bird special?

I'll let everyone know when we get ordering info up on the website and then we'll run the special for at least the first couple of weeks. Also, when we get the first production units back we'll create pictures (video?) of the install as we have a couple of other cars here to do.

Here's a pic of the prototype kit - the real plates will be powdercoated and the hardware will be stainless. However, it gives you an idea of the size/strength of components.

Boss_302 said:
Damn, that’s a nice looking setup, only problem I already have tow hooks!

Too bad this wasn't available 10 months ago........
I hear you. Mine took several hours to install and had to have brackets fabricated.
I think something that everyone would love to have, is if you guys could include the covers for the holes in the rear, and painted front bumper cover pieces as well to match peoples cars.
If you offered this i'd most likely pull the trigger for both the front and rear units.


I like that the hooks are off center for those of us required by our states to have front plates when DDing it.

Is this a DIY install job and what tools are required? thanks!


Boss_302 said:
Damn, that’s a nice looking setup, only problem I already have tow hooks!

Too bad this wasn't available 10 months ago........

Once again you have the nicest parts out there!

+1 on all this.
Those look great.
Mine took the dealer all day to install, but they're done very well.
Would have done this on a heartbeat last spring.
Any love for us 2013 owners? lol
Would same kit work?

Yes, the kit has been designed to work equally well with the 2013's..... and to be honest, all S197 Mustangs.

(In the pics, that's my 2013 LS sitting next to the 2012. It will get the kit as soon as we have production pieces.)

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