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Cooltech Tow Hook Users!

Just curious if anyone has used a different bolt and hook with their setup? My front hook is now pink and I'm not wild about all the moving parts on the Chinese sourced hooks. I've been looking at BMW hooks and may buy a set. Here's what I'm looking at:


I also like the larger nut face on this hook.


@Grant 302

Grant 302

basic and well known psychic
The BMW OEM piece? If so does it fit properly?

I mean just *bought* one! We'll see if I get it before Laguna Seca.

I don't see why it wouldn't work. I think it was part of the reason that Cooltech used the BMW threads.
Tulsa, OK
My desire is to get something more robust and less Rube Goldberg in design. ;) Shoot the BMW hooks with Plasti Dip and I'll be set. There are literally seven parts to each hook. ::)

Ha... didn't realize they were so complicated :-\
I believe (haven't verified) that the cooltech hook uses acme 5/8-8 (8 threads per inch) threads. those keywords may help you in your search.

Grant 302

basic and well known psychic
The one I got works. and just barely clears the bumper cover. It has about 1" of thread, and about 7/8" from the base of the loop to 'base'/stop of threaded section.

Oh, and it is right hand thread and 8 thread per inch.

Rick, I think the ones you were looking at will definitely work but may stick out a bit much.
I purchased a shorter one and you can see the difference below. I'm using the shorter one in the back and longer one up front. Both sizes will work front or rear on the 10-12 cars. You may need the longer hooks for 13-14 cars.


If anyone is interested in my old hooks I have three for sale for $15 delivered listed here:

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