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Corner Balance "worth it"?

I have installed a set of MCS doubles for my CAMC car. Car tracks fine, but I now I need an alignment.

Should I take advantage of the fact that I shouldn't have to change the suspension for anything else and get a corner balance too?

If I NEED adjustable endlinks for the rear or can the stocks work?


Mostly harmless.
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Definitely do it if you have the funds, corner balancing is a big advantage to getting coilovers. 90% sure that you'll need adjustable endlinks to do it properly.
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At its core, driving any car around a track is about managing weight transfer among other things. A corner balance will give you an understanding of where the weight is with no load. It will allow you to make specific adjustments with your suspension eg (having slightly different damping on the driver side damper to account for driver weight). Ultimately you will have more information to help you understand and manage weight transfer when at the track. Making the corner balance very worth it.

Car underwent corner balance and alignment on Saturday.

Car weight w/out driver: 3680
Car weight with driver: 3940
Start cross-weight: 53%
End cross-weight: 50%
Camber F: -3.0 (potential at -4.0 with plate maxed)
Toe F: 0
Camber rear: -2.0
Toe rear: 0.24 deg (total) IN

Car feels amazing and realized I did my last event on a crappy alignment but still performed well.

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