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Correct Oil Viscosity?

Apologies in advance, as I am sure this is addressed elsewhere - but I cannot find the thread. Is the correct oil viscosity for a 2013 Boss still the 5-50 fully synthetic Motorcraft? I have heard rumor that Ford changed the recommended viscosity, but I can't seem to find anything about it on this forum, and local Ford service department doesn't know. Many thanks.
Motorcraft 5W50 full synthetic is the official Ford recommended oil. Hasn't changed that I'm aware of. Whether you actually use Motorcraft or another brand is up to you, and is the subject of much debate and personal opinion.
I believe Ford changed viscosity on the GT due to some engine component changes (e.g. oil squirters). To my knowledge, Bosses were not affected.


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Pitt302 said:
My Ford dealer would only sell me Mobile 1 5w-50 full synthetic for 2013 Boss 302.I have not been able to find that grad of Mobile 1 any where else,so I keep going back to dealer for more oil.
You should be able to order 5-50 through NAPA.

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