CorteX Monoball Kit for GT350 and S550 Mustangs

Discussion in 'CorteX Racing' started by VoodooBoss, Nov 28, 2015.

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    These look pretty sweet. The next time I'm out at CorteX I'll go for a ride in Filip's car and report back on the NVH.

    Product Description
    Monoball kit, 2015-2016 S550 Mustang, Front and Rear

    CorteX Racing is proud to release their new monoball control arm kit for all 2015-2016 S550 Mustangs including GT350 and GT350R. This upgrade is what we have done to our World Challenge race cars and now it is available for you to install on your vehicle for performance driving, trackway, or competitive racing.

    This parts can be installed at home if you have access to a press for removal of the OEM rubber bushings. If you don’t have access to a press we are more than happy to install them for you if you remove your control arms and ship them to us. Call us for details or simply add the Cortex installation option before checking out!

    What does this do for you? Spherical bearings allow the arms to pivot in a smooth, and accurate motion as intended. No more deflection under loading, no more changing in toe which results in an inconsistent and nervous feeling on track!

    The CorteX Racing monorails utilize American made high quality stainless ball with a Teflon lined race so you will have years of trouble free life from the bearings, just like our camber plates and sway bar end links.

    Kits include: mono ball housings, bearings, retaining clips, spacers, and Loctite sleeve retainer. Instructions are available for download online. Bearings are pre-assembled in the housings before shipment to the user.

    Also notice our optional OEM bushing removal mandrels available as an option. They are perfectly sized to allow removal of the OEM bushings without damaging the control arms when using a press.

    Check out this undercar video of the rear lower control arm bushing deflecting from simply driving the car around the parking lot.


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    I've been wanting something like this for the front lower hydra bushing for the S197s.

    I wouldn't expect much NVH increase with only one side of the links changed, if I'm understanding that correctly.
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    Has anyone used these yet? I would like to place an order soon.

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