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Could the Flatrock Plant Close?

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Let's hope not. Most of us here are doing our part to keep the assembly plant open. ;)
Pretty compelling argument to significantly increase the Boss production numbers. It is puzzling that the Camaro would be so popular. By all performance accounts the Mustang wins in its different variations. The Camaro is just a big boulevard cruiser. From an aesthetic standpoint, it looks cartoonish to me. The prototype they launched at the Detroit Auto Show in '06 (I think) was cool. The car that made the production line looks too much like a run of the mill chevy sedan IMO. Even the owner of the supercharged one that I humbled was relatively young and complained about all the extra weight adders in the interior that he said he didn't even want.

Mustang is due for a facelift and I'm sure they'll try to make it work until the 2014 is launched with the 50th anniversary debut.
My wife and I may have to go to marital counseling if she keeps talking about buying a camaro (I refuse to capitalize that word). After 29 years of marriage, she lobs a grenade. ???
cloud9 said:
My wife thinks they look good too and I've heard a lot of other women say they like them. It must be a girl's car, kind of like a VW bug ;)

I believe you have hit it out of the park wife also loves the new Camaro! It has to be a female thing!

Good news is, she wants the Boss to get here more than I do I think!


Some say he has a tattoo of his face on his face.
Well, I got my fiancee to defect. She wanted a Camaro for quite some time but since we've been together, I've had a Mustang, except for the past 3 months. She loved that car and it was just an '06 GT. And it made sense she wanted a Camaro since her dad has a yellow '69 Z28 sitting in the garage. But her love for that car has faded and she's very excited about the Boss.
Mine hates the Camaro, too. Not because of any real or perceived difference in performance, but squarely based on the styling - big snout and slitty windows. At least in our general area, women prefer Mustangs hands down.

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