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Couple of Dumb Questions

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Hello all,

I was digging through my manuals trying to find out what the octane requirements are on my new Boss. There doesn't seem to be a specification in the Boss Supplement Manual. The standard Mustang Owners guide says you can use 87 octane, but 91 is optimal. Is this also true of the Boss? If so does anyone know how much that will impact the power output? My second question is how come there isn't an oil pressure gauge in this car? Or is it hidden somewhere in the INFO screens? Seems like a race car ought to have an oil pressure gauge, or am I being old fashioned?

If I remember right the boss supplement recommends premium. Most of us use premium although Ford told me I could get away with regular. As for the gauge, some have been looking into LS gauges. I am considering the aeroforce setup.
You can run 87 octane and the car will adjust the timing etc. I run 91 here in CA. Your car has a oil pressure gauge (idiot light). I'd be more interested in cylinder head temp (Ford used CHT instead of water temp) and oil temp. I keep switching back and forth between buying the LS gauge pack or the Aeroforce gauge. I'm in no hurry to do either at the moment.
There's at least one thread on the Boss 302 Technical Forum for gauges. Also, I had to point it out to my salesman in the Boss supplement where it recommends premium. On the GT, horsepower drops to 402 from 412 when you use regular gas.

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