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Cracked Tires

Today I was looking over my tires and I noticed between the treads there are small cracks on all the tires. My car has only 3,100 miles on the odometer and the car is a 2012. Has anyone else experienced this problem and what have you done?
Any chance the tires have been exposed to freezing temperatures?

These kinds of tires don't like cold temps

I seem to recall there being some form of tire warranty, but don't remember the details

Might be worth looking into
Thank you VTBoss302, Yes the tire were exposed to freezing temperatures this year, I will call the dealer on Tuesday. If I would have known about exposing them to the cold I would have stored them in a heated garage over the winter.


#LS-378 - So many Porsche's, so little time....
Boss 1934 said:
No just the regular Boss.

then I believe those are not R Comp tires and even though they are summer tires they really shouldn't crack unless they were exposed to some very cold temperatures. I would check to see if they're covered under the warranty.

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