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Crazy news about BOSS value!

I got some interesting news yesterday. My Mortgage holder called me about refinancing my BOSS with them instead of Capitol One. I said sure I'll listen, and if they could get me a rate low enough, I'd change. So, the girl asks me for my ID number for the car, she then looks it up on NADA and tells me my car, a 2013 BOSS, with 11K miles is worth $40,600!!!!!!!!! I paid $40,025. for it BRAND NEW!!!!!! This is a first for ANY car I've ever owned! This car, 2 years old is worth more than I paid for it. We just might have a new collector classic here.
Recent Mustang Times had auctioneer guys claiming the 2012-2013;s were worth MSRP to +5k MSRP. I have no clue. No matter, my boss is staying with me.
What it is worth and what people will pay is different. If someone wants to give me MSRP for mine, I would gladly take it
13-2701 said:
What it is worth and what people will pay is different. If someone wants to give me MSRP for mine, I would gladly take it
This. Mine's for sale @ MSRP 24/7. ;D
I think a car is worth what someone is willing to pay.
How much you value it might be different. I wouldn't sell mine for MSRP, I value it more. Might not be worth that, unless I find someone to pay up.

I don't see the 2015s being out affecting what the Boss is worth. Boss owners aren't exactly lining up to trade their car in for a 2015 GT.
If the 2016 GT350 comes in under $60K, it might affect Boss values, but my latest (shifting) thought on the price is that the base will be high 50's, which means with any of the usual options it will be over $60K, and fully loaded will touch $70K.
^+1... The 12/13 Boss values will hold up well versus the GT350 for several reasons. Ford will once again saturate the market with the new Voodoo powered model like they did with the Shelby GT500's, thereby cementing the 302's semi-exclusivity. The new GT350 will be an awesome Mustang, but I fully expect that Ford will establish the base MSRP in the high 50's - low-60's, with Shelby bling options such as leather interior, glass roof, electronics package, performance and track options driving it to over $70k. As a result, the modern Boss will enjoy an inherent performance value well into the future.
I'm sure like most other folks here, I didn't buy the car as an investment, I saw it as a "second chance" opportunity to own a unique, and cool Ford.
A MUSTANG that actually handled!!! I was impressed back in 1970 (at the age of 14) over anything Boss related, the fact that they were pumping out over 300hp out of 302 cubic inches blew me away. I read about all the handling mods to the chassis and I realized I wanted one bad. It turns out I wasn't alone, the original cars despite high gas prices STILL held value. When I graduated College in 1977 Bosses were still bringing in $5000 to $6000.........................that is what they cost new! SOUND FAMILIAR? I didn't buy one because my practical side urged me to buy a new car that would be comfortable commuting to work. I chose a T-bird with a 400ci V-8. I've purchased and restored many Mustangs over the years but I never could snatch a Boss reasonable, closest I came was a '70 Mach I with the sport suspension.

Anyrate I am happy I was given the second chance, my car is not going anywhere, I owe $9K on it and dump extra principal on it monthly. The fact that it is following in the steps of the original is definitely amazing, well played BOSS owners!

Who says you can't learn from HISTORY? I paid attention this time and I will have this car to enjoy for years to come. Now, if I could only raise the scratch for a '13 to '14 SHELBY.................................................


2012 PW #2558
This Past Sunday at a cars and coffee at Captree State Park Long Island.. There was a New Platform 4cyl Turbo Mustang with the Window Sticker on the dash. $32k plus. Had many luxury items, ie leather Recaros etc... but 32k? For 8k or so more.... a Boss can be bought almost new. Had me scratching my head. Made me happy that I had my 2012 Boss 302. :D

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