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Cruise nights and car shows

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Is it me or have you guys noticed that when looking at cars at cruise nights and car shows that a majority of the cars are dirty. I'm talking dried on bugs, caked on brake dust,tar, etc. it's not like some of these cars are detailed and just picked up some road grim on the trip from home to the event. One SBY boss looked like it was daily driven all week then the guy parked it at a cruise night. WTH? Take a detailer and a rag to the car! ;). I did go the Lime Rock and will say I saw many dirty cars but the 3 2012 Bosses were spotless
Yeah, most people just don't seem to care and think that since they have a cool car that's all it needs. Even the "clean" cars at meets are covered in swirls. After looking at my engine the last meet one of the guys there with a gt500 was like, "come check mine out, I keep it clean too." His engine bay was FILTHY lol.


Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
your not the only one. I spend hours and hours and hours keeping my car clean. I am willing to bet it looks better then most garage queens and those that "have never seen rain". I get that not everyone is into that like I am but if you are going to "show" your car at least wash the thing and simple green and a hose does wonders under the hood.

rant over


I too have wondered what these other owners think is "clean". It's not just dust and bugs......its GRIME.......miles upon miles of every thing imagineable stuck in corners, crevices etc. What makes it even worse is to go to shows and see the same mentality and watch them take home trophies!!!!!! I'm trying to avoid "participant voting" shows these days, you get clubs, and the buddy system voting and you end up with these dirty cars winning. I would bet I spend more time cleaning my wheel wells, muffflers and under carrage than most of what i see at cruise ins spend on their paint. I have come to believe that these guys just don't know how to wax considering the caked on build up i see. rant is over....thanks for making this a topic!

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