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Custom Painted Coil Covers


Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
rpm3dinc said:
OK, got an email from American Muscle saying that now they have "Discontinued" the Race Red Coil Covers (Which translates into they simply don't want to paint them).

So, I called them, they are sending me the Stock "Blue" Covers, and I am supposed to take to a paint shop and have them painted after which AM said they would compensate me for the paint job.

All in all I guess it will all work out ok, but after waiting nearly 3 weeks for something "They Discontinued", it was rather frustrating to learn that since they can't paint them, I have to do the leg work and find someone to do it.

Regardless its solved, and I will get it done, and American Muscle is standing behind their products and supporting me with this project.

So there are plus and minus sides to this...
yeah thats a hassle.

now just top it off with some emblempros black inserts and you will be set :)
Took the Coil Covers (Stock Blue) to my Ford Body shop today, and asked them to paint them Race Red... they said "We cannot guarantee that we can get the paint in the "Letters and lines" so we do not want to do something we can't guarantee."

Ok, so then i took it to a Local Body shop.. .they said basically the same thing, but they are willing to give a it shot at least... So we will see what happens...

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