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daytime running lights 2013

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Hi Guys,

Are any of you with a 2013 Boss operating the Daytime Running Lights? My dealer tells me he can't turn them on full time as Ford "can't" supply a code for them. Is there a manual switch? Doesn't make sense that if they are DLR's you can't turn them on full time?
batman48195 said:
Mine are on full to,r. Just like these in the video.


Thanks Brian, they come on when you start the car? So obviously came like that from the dealership?
Thanks I appreciate your comments...I'm picking the car up out of the States but they can't seem to get the US DRL's operating for some reason. I sent them the mustang commercial video to help them out as there was some confusion!
Yes, I can confirm also that mine are on all the time. In fact I would not mind if I could turn them off sometimes.

Not sure what became of the law for those here in the US, because it seems I see newer cars still that don't have any on during the day. Usually Japanese or Korean cars I think.
For 2013 the DRL's in Canada are fogs installed in the lower vent openings. I know the procedure to get the 2012's working, (which isn't documented, by the way) but I don't know if it would work on the 2013. At the very least you would need to modify one or two wiring harnesses in order to power the fogs from the Smart Junction Box. Then it might be possible to get the car to operate as if the DRL's were installed at the factory.
What they did is wire it so that the HID's and LED's are on full time. Not sure it was necessary or a good thing.

Although I have to say I LOVE THIS CAR!

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