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Daytona Audi Club of Ohio

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BOSS LS #469
Just thought you guys might like this video I shot this weekend. I was asked to take a few laps around the NASCAR track so the tower could check to see if the fog had lifted enough to start our first session. They sent me out 3 times a total of 8 laps averaged about 150 around 1 minute lap times.
I'm jealous, that would be a blast. Did you flat foot it around in 5th?


BOSS LS #469
NO that would be to much for me at 7500 on the rev limiter. It took me a few laps to stand on it but still lift a little
going into the banks. I used 6th gear. I have lots of video some with the speed and time I'll post when I can. My best lap on the road course was a 2.12. Just don't have the MPH to run much quicker. Used only a little over 1/2 quart of oil and ran well over 300 miles. Car ran great except for high speed shifting to 5th and 6th. got locked out of 6th 3 times. More to come. OH I only run 98 unleaded in the Boss and this took care of all my engine codes so far. Most important is oil temp I wait till its hot enough to bring the oil pressure to close to 85. Seems to cut down on the oil use.
Can't wait...but it's you that should be taking it easy on me....You drive sooo smooth!!!
Hopefully you and Van can instruct me.

See you in couple of weeks and Merry Christmas!!
Great Vid John. I was at the Audi Club event in my '12 PW Boss 302 on Friday. After they announced the fog delay we hear someone lapping the oval. Collectively we all said " Who the hell is out there !!" The LS looked impressive, nice job. I ran in group 3, so I saw most of your group run all day. Nice talking to you there also.


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