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Dead Pedal?

This is a huge oversight to me on this car. Thanks for posting. I may just have to get one. If you have installed, how invasive was it (carpets, etc or just pops in).
drano38 said:
I've got SRP Racing pedals on my Boss.
The dead pedal mounts with screws into the carpet/underlying foam.
I don't think removing the screws would show any damage, but eventually, removing any dead pedal will snow a change of carpet wear.

He shows sets on the website, but I'm pretty sure he'd sell individual pedals.

I too have the SRP pedal set including dead pedal. Sullivan will sell individual pedals as well...just drop him an email.


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I put on all Roush pedals, including the dead pedal. Install was a breeze and I like the feel on the with my racing shoes on.

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SRP pedal set here as well. Went with the grid set up and 1/2" gas pedal extension. The Boss is set pretty well pedal wise for a American car. The pedal set makes it perfect.
Dead pedal ? if you are not shifting your left foot should be more or less on the dead pedal.
SRP pedals here, Cuz that is what RoadHouse did. He is my mod guru! But seriously nice pieces that flat work.

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