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DFW Boss owners heading to ECR this weekend chime in

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Hey guys, i know several of you are hitting the track for the first time at ECR this weekend. It should be a great day, weather is supposed to be sunny and about 60! i have a couple people that haven't been before that asked some questions on FB about what they need to bring. i figured if some of you haven't been to ECR or a track before, this might be a good place to be sure you have all your ducks in a row.

The most important thing to run at ECR the first time, aside from car prep, is to remember to bring your tech sheet. Yes, they are serious about wanting you to take it to a mechanic, they do not tech cars at the track. I didn't go to a mechanic my first time out because my car was new. i had the car on the track before i had the paper tags off so i had a buddy sign it for me. i also had the car in for service a bunch of times after that for fluid changes and what not and did have the check then. Anyway, long and short is this, ECR doesn't call to check if you actually go to a mechanic and if your car is new and low mile, its up to you how you handle that but show up with a signed sheet, they will expect it. Be sure you have good pads on the car. if you think you will push hard, be careful with stock fluid and pads because of fade. i know from expedience that once you push hard, the factory pads can go from 50-60% life to metal on metal in two sessions, we will run 4.

You will want a torque wrench, you will be surprised how much your lug nuts loosen when you throw the car around. Check your oil and be sure you are topped off before you come to the track. You might want to get an air compressor of some sort, or be sure your compressor that comes with the car is working before you come out. You will need to change pressures as the day goes. Don't forget your helmet! also be sure you wear jeans. they wont let you on track in shorts. Short sleeve shirts are ok, basically no fabrics that will melt in the unlikely event a camaro slams into you and you catch fire from the friction creating by beating his arse.

If you don't have a torque wrench, you can borrow mine, just be sure to bring a socket that will fit your lugs, i run spline locks so i may not have one that will work for you. You will need a small screwdriver to adjust the dampers.

ECR has fuel pumps on site, the gas isn't cheap, generally 20-30 cents more per gallon than the normal rate. There is a gas station about 15 minutes away, but the roads are two lane to the track and if you get behind grandma you may miss a session. The pumps only take plastic, master card and visa IIRC. i don't remember seeing discover or amex stickers. They will be cooking lunch, ive always paid cash for lunch i don't know if they have a card machine. it's only hamburgers and chips. they have drink machines, cokes and water are $2 per bottle. you can bring coolers, but no beer. They do have credit card machines for paying your $150 for the day.

all the track workers are very nice and friendly, even though they are clearly P-car snobs at times. Take the "your brakes will fade and you may die" banter in the green drivers meeting with a grain of salt. Not that your brakes might not fade leading to your death should you crash into my car. :) They take the rules of the track very seriously. Don't break them, they will kick you out. they will black flag you in a second too. i wouldn't worry about taking out the grill or anything for this track day, i've never had overheat issues at this track and i run the car pretty hard, this summer may be a different story.

Don't miss the drivers meeting, if you don't show you don't race. look at some video to learn the track, if you play R factor there is a custom track that is 95% accurate for eagles canyon raceway. they don't have timers for you to use, if you have iPhone and want to know your times get Harry's lap timer, if you have android get trackmaster. trackmaster is hard to set up so do the legwork before you get to the track on it. ECR is in the harry's database already.

See you all Saturday! Show up early and help me change my brake pads! lol
Shane, so if I understand correctly, overdrive the corners, brake late and only do the bump and run on Camaros and CO Bosses. Got it, Thanks!

Seriously, thanks for taking to time to post this information!


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