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did ford ever produce a fox mustang boss 302?

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Welcome to BMO. Not that I know of. Ford did make some high performance Fox bodied Mustangs including the 5.0 LX and my fav the SVO. Others here know a lot more about the fox bodies than I do and I'm sure they'll be along shortly.
I think you mean Larry Shinoda. Both Shinoda and Knudsen died in the late nineties. Shinoda had his own company, similar to Saleen, that made "Shinoda Boss" Mustangs. The company still exists and still makes Shinoda Bosses.
No. Ford did not produce a Fox-body Boss 302. The last actual Boss 302s produced by Ford before '12 and '13 model Boss 302s were the 1969 an 1970 models.
four-walling said:
That looks like a rip off of the Boss name and not a Ford product.

I don't know how that works. Can Ford trademark the name Boss? I know GTO was never trademarked by Ferrari since Pontiac used it.. and everyone and their Uncle has a ""GT".
four-walling said:
Ford did use the term in advertisements, but there is not a fox Boss that I recall.


Here is my "faux" Boss, a 1982


That was my favorite GT at that time, it look menacing compared to what was out there at the time.


2012 PW #2558
Not a 302.. But Had a 1986 F/Ingected GT with a Paxton super charger... Wish I had pictures to share... purchased from the original owner... car was mint, black car, had blacked out tail light covers and clear plastic headlight covers with tint.... Car was a beast... owner had deleted all GT emblems/so car was a sleeper. Stock and clean and a blast.. Miss it actually. Would love to find an original/restored 86 GT to buy.. Loved that car!!!

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