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Did the Zaino Treatment today (pics inside)

Well after reading Justins and other praise on this product I went and bought the Zaino total car protection kit added z-8 to the order,
along with some Justin recommended micro fiber towels.
I spent way too many hours in the garage on the hottest day of the year, although I started just after sun up to wash and dry it in the shade.
I think as mentioned it could be the placebo effect on the gloss so will have my neighbor who paints cars have a look.
It does look great in my biased opinion.
thanks for the detailed info in this thread.
The recent resurgence of Zaino fanatics has me looking again. I used it years ago and made the switch to Klasse after wanting to try something else.

So I ordered the whole battery of products and am going to do half the car with Klasse and half with Zaino and track its appearance, how well it stays clean and overall durability. Will let you know in about 6 months how it goes. I'm not using the Mustang for the experiment, instead using a new Ford Flex, so the paint is starting in great shape.


Zaino, I put that $hit on everything
I just finished a coat of z2 and 4 coats of z2+zfx with z6 in between every step after the 1st wash and clay bar. So even though it's not completely done, still have to do the z8 and zcs, I'll post a few pics later. It's amazing stuff, I love the way the water runs off the finish...


Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
thought about washing the car today....its just to hot the paint is hot enough to cook an egg on in the sun (the black parts) guess I will wait till later when the sun starts to go down.

I will say that after a few months the super slick feel and the ability for the bugs to just fall off goes away but a quick coat of z2 will bring it right back. this really only affected the front where it takes a beating with the bugs.
I'll be the judge. :)

I've used it before, but its possible its gotten better as its been over 5 years now. But I noticed no ill effects when I went away from it so many years ago. I like to experiment so I'm not to worried about the money, its a hobby.


Zaino, I put that $hit on everything
So I'm sitting in the customer lounge, biting my nails while they try to install the trackey at the dealer. The waiting room is just like 20 feet from the garage entrance and my Boss is in the first service bay closest to me. Perhaps because it's closest to the PC, etc, who knows, but it's not going well. They've never done one before so they having computer issues trying to get the car computer to talk to the service one... I was so busy waxing all day yesterday and finishing up this morning that I didn't have time to take any pix of the Zaino on my car so far, that I just grabbed my camera after I got my registration done just before leaving for my service appt.

So here are some pix in the dealer lot, the final pix should be little better.



Zaino, I put that $hit on everything
On my first coat of z2 after clay bar, I avoided the stripes. Then a full z6 spray, over the stripes, and then the first coat of z2+zfx over everything. Had an internal debate on doing this, but said to myself, I'd rather trust zaino on this to protect them and not F them up than just have them be exposed to the sun and elements with only detail spray. I took my time with a fully 'broken in' applicator pad and applied the thinnest of coats to the very narrow areas between the main stripes, and the smaller pin stripes. Was careful to always go with the direction of the stripe. On the main surface area of the stripes, I put on a 'good coat', about twice what you would normally put on the painted surface as the best results are always with thin layers. Then once I let it dry, I made sure I had very clean (new) microfiber towels to carefully remove the polish residue on the small painted surfaces between the stripes. While doing this making sure to get the fibers down into the edges of the stripe to avoid build up.

I only plan on doing the full stripes once a year cause it's such a PITA. But I feel better now that it's done. After 2 straight days of applications in this humid weather, I threw in the towel tonight. I just can't sink in another 3 hours to finish with z8 and zcs... tomorrow...
that Zaino stuff sure looks amazing, but there sure looks to be a serious price to pay in hours and days put into it ! Im not worthy, those days are weekends, and weekends are drive time for me ! :)
but kudos to the brave ones who can slave away hours on end ;D


Zaino, I put that $hit on everything
After 1 coat of z8. Will finish with layer of z5 and zcs later today, weather permitting.


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