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Disabling Steering Lock on race cars write up.

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8- Remove this cover.jpg Ok lets do a quick write up on removing the steering lock..
Firstly, my adj part of the column was removed to complete this job .. not sure if it can be done in the car but anything is possible .. Here we go

Remove the ing lock and the electric connector from the lock unit .. its easy to do ...
flip the colom upside down an you will see the factory tamper proof bolts ..
1- Factory bolts torque to snap non removal bolts.jpg

remove these bolts , mine came out with a vise grip ....

3- Factoty bolt removed.jpg

once the bolts are removed the unit will slide off push toward the hub end
4- unit ready for removal.jpg5- Slide toward steering hub for removal.jpg
Flip the unit over once removed to see the lock ,
7- here is the lock.jpg
this is what we need to remove , Flip unit back over to see the cap that needs to come off my fingers are holdin it on ...
8- Remove this cover.jpg
Now at this point you could just drill a hole in the cap to remove the spring that applies pressure on the lock .. and reinstall the unit , but i went all the way to remove it .. follow along..
Once the cap is removed, i just grounded the edges of the cap so i could remove it all the way , NOTE !!!! the small pins you see around the cap do not go all the way through so do not try and punch them out...
9- remove this spring.jpgtop of lock circled.jpeg
We need to get this portion of the lock off circled in blue, it is held in with a spring and pin, I was able to jus pull out the rotating shaft and the lock assy came right out, you can see the rotating shaft in the lower part of the pic..
12- Its held together with this pin an spring.jpg13- her are the components of the lock assy removed.jpg
Here is the lock assy removed...
Now you just reassemble the shaft , lock cylinder and electric componenent and its ready to go back on the colom lock free and with the key function in tack..
to reassemble you will need 2 M8 1.25 x 12mm long screws or bolts
14- Reinstall the assy on the assy and you can replace the factor boult type units with M8 1.2...jpg
And there you have it...


10- then remove this assy it just pulls out.jpg

11- Remove the top half of the lock circled.jpg

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