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Discounts on Genuine Ford Apparel/Merchandise for TMO Members

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I partnered up with the company that sells Ford's officially licensed merchandise to get TMO members 15% off your first purchase through their web store. You can get to the site by going to Ford's website and clicking on the "Ford Merchandise" link in the footer, or just click here:

This is a one-time discount code for newly registered customers of the Ford Merchandise store making their very first purchase. If you already have an account on that site and have made purchases in the past with that account, this code won't work. I was only able to get them to offer this discount to "new customers" on their site. Once you register on their site and use the code for your initial purchase you can't use the code again after that through that same account. If you're registering a new account you'll have to run through an email verification step before you can complete your order.

This is meant to be for TMO members
We want this discount to be used by TMO forum members only, so I'm making the discount code viewable only to those who are logged in to the forum. If you want to get the code, log in! If you're not a TMO member, register an account. Please do not share this discount code with others outside of the forum. It's meant to be a reward for the members here who use our forum. If you find this link floating around in other forums or on social media, please let me know so we can get a new link created and kill the old one.

Discount Code: Login to see the hidden content
Copy and paste the code above or type it in exactly as it appears at checkout.

I've registered a new account and confirmed that the code works as it should, but if you have any issues, reply here and let me know.

Hope you find something you like and end up taking advantage of the discount. I know this isn't a massive savings, but it's a small token of my appreciation for those who choose to spend their time here on our site, supporting what we're doing here. Thanks for being a TMO member and participating here in the forum!

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