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DIY alignment

I am looking at getting a set of toe plates. I am not going to mess with the caster and I have a digital angle finder for the camber. What do you think about these toe plates:

They were recommended to me by a friend. Anything else out there you guys recommend? Thanks


Edit: I fixed the link
Adam, the link you posted points to an unrelated BMO thread. I've been doing my own at home alignments for 2 years now and have had good success with an old set of Longacre toe plates that a friend gave me. I started a thread that covers my procedure. I went through an initial 'string' method to verify my plate measurements and found they were very accurate. Just make sure you'r steering wheel is straight. I put a line on mine between the steering wheel and column covers after the string method, but it probably doesn't need to be that accurate to give repeatable readings with plates. I also marked my plates left and right and my tape measures front and back to make sure I'm repeatable, but again it's probably not necessary.

Anyway, please post another link to the plates and I'll be glad to let you know what I think. I'm pretty sure they're all similar. Good luck with your alignment
That is what we use, they are crude, and dependable..the perfect combination. The only thing is, they are a 2 person operation and if your tires have any "raised" lettering, it will throw them off.

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