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DIY GT350 Oil Change W/Canister and Open Element Filter

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Brian S.
So it looks like Ford has indeed changed the filter design on the GT350. Mine is a March 2017 build and has the new design. Since I cant find any documentation on this thought I would do a write up of the oil change procedure.

Tool/Supplies Needed:
-10qts of your favorite 5w50 Synthetic. I used Motorcraft and from what I understand currently there are only 3 oils that meet the Ford specifications for the vehicles(Motorcraft, Lucas and Amsoil)
-Motorcraft FL-2087 oil filter(new part #), Motorcraft FL-2062(old part #)
-1-1/16" socket
-T30 torx bit
-Some old cardboard or aluminum foil

1) Get the car in the air, jack stands, lift etc. I used a 4 post lift

2) Get your drain pan ready and remove the yellow plastic drain plug from the back of the drain pan. This did not require any tools, was able to do it by hand


3) Grab your t30 torx bit and remove the oil filter access cover on the drivers side


4) You can now see the black plastic canister that covers the oil filter. Use your cardboard, aluminum foil, etc to make a guide for the oil, to try an prevent it from going every where


5) Use your 1-1/16" socket and ratchet to slowly loosen the black canister with the molded in hex nut on the back of the canister, until you can turn it by hand(approx 4 full turns of the canister)


6) Loosen the canister just enough so that you can control the flow of the oil into your drain pan.

7) When oil has slowed or stopped draining remove the black canister. Be careful as this will have quite a bit of oil in the bottom of it.



8) Remove the oil filter, a simple twist and pull is all that is needed.

9) Carefully remove the 2 large o-rings on the black canister

10) Carefully install the 2 new o-rings that came with your new oil filter from onto the black canister. Also go ahead and give them a very light coat of some new oil. *NOTE the small o-ring is not used.

11) Go ahead, if you haven't already, and put the yellow drain plug back into pan. Also clean up the filter area and mounting surfaces.


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Brian S.
Part 2 since there is a limit on images.......
12) I went ahead and put some oil inside the black canister, just like I would prime a normal oil filter.


12) Install the new oil filter into the car and onto the small post inside the oil filter area. I went ahead and also put a little bit of new oil on the rubber openings at both ends of the new oil filter. ALSO this filter is NOT directional so either way works!


13) Install black canister, tighten this as far as you can by hand, and then the rest of the way with you 1-1/16" socket. The canister has a flange on it and bottoms out against the housing so DONT over tighten this. Mine had 2 paint marks put on at the factory and the marks lined up again when I reassembled.


14) Fill her up with 10qts of the liquid gold(oil) :)

15) Before putting the oil filter access cover back on, I went ahead and started the car, got underneath it and made sure no leaks. If all looks good, put the cover back on, check your oil level...and enjoy that wicked ride!


Here is a supplemental video I put together to show a little more detail on a few things.

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