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Does anyone make a racing shoe for wide feet?

I have pretty wide feet and my sparco shoes fit me pretty good. They're about a size to small (length wise) but it's not a bad fit at all.

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wwilde001 said:
What model of Piloti's are the wider ones?
They're about 6 years old so not sure if still available. Here's a lineup of the three. I snapped a pic of the label on the widest one that lists the name and product #.
Aside from having wide feet, any chance anyone knows how to find a larger size than a 13?

I've been looking for sometime now but with little luck. I wear a size 15 in basketball shoes but a 14 in shoes like I am hoping race shoes run a little small. So if anyone knows where I can find a 14-15 Wide, I'd be much appreciated.
Last I looked, I think Piloti went out of business... :(

I tried to mail order a few pairs of those puma driving shoes, and they were hilariously narrow. I didn't think i had particularly wide feed... and the pumas made me feel like i was trying to put on my wife's shoes.

Those mustang shoes any good?
cloud9 said:
I have one pair of Pilotis that are really wide and one that's narrower. Not sure I had an option other than length. The Mustang shoes I bought like the ones in the link below are closer to the wide pair of Pilotis, but not quite as wide.

thanks for shoebuy link

I have been looking at those mustang shoes

I just picked up a pair for $48 shipped

april discount of 20% plus on sale

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