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Does anyone really like the " Gotta have it Green?"

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At least from the photos, it looks pale and washed out. Maybe seeing it in person it will look more like the lime green Mopar had in the late 60's and early 70's. And, while that lime green may have looked cool with the black strobe striping on the rear quarters to a 19 year old back then, I think it was place and time - just like shag carpet. I just don't see it as being a huge hit especially among the age group who typically will be able to put together the coin for $40K +. If the Yellow Blaze (which I love) tanked on the showfloors, can't imagine this color will do a whole lot better.

But that's just me. I'd really have liked to see a darker, more "serious" green in a jewel tone of some sort. If you're gonna bring back a retro paint scheme, toss in a couple more flake colors.
I'll be willing to say it won't outsell the next color by a 3-1 margin. It may be more popular than the CO with White but I would be surprised if they sell more than 500 of them. I think it is hideous.
You really need to see GHG in person before making a final opinion. It is a tri-coat like Yellow Blaze so it will look totally different in person than in photos. Depending on the angle and the light it is under it looks different in every photo that I have seen.


It's ummmmm...........yeah its not a good color...........maybe a focus color.

I also don't think we've gotten very good pictures of it yet though either. They've either been really crappy cell phone pictures outdoors, or under artificial lighting at an auto show.
Jeff Quinn said:
More like "Gotta Puke Green"
Looks worse than $hit on a white horse.

I've gotta say, I was REALLY looking forward to Grabber Blue based on knowing the old, original cars with that color but when it came out.....not so much. I think the original paints faded so fast back then and didn't have the clear coat shine of today's paints that the pastel, faded look was what I expected. When they announced that green was going to be an option on the '13 Boss, I got excited again. I love Highland Green and though, I've never seen one in person, the Grabber Green cars look good with the flat black stripes in pics. So far though, the pics of the Gotta Have It Green have turned me off. I want to see it in person before making final judgement but I won't order one sight unseen the way I would a CO, RR, or PF car.

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