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Don't trust your fuel gauge on track!!!

Noticed this too, my understanding is that we have a saddle tank and it pools on one side then settles out later. I would "lose" about 1/4 tank when I got off track. My other car does not have a functional fuel gauge at all so it isn't that big a deal now that I know 2 session = fill it, but it is a bit odd they didn't take it into account since it is a race car with a plate ;) Guy I was pitted next to in a C5 Z06 said his car has pumps to even out the bags, but he has had them fail a couple times.
I ended up buying a couple cheap 5 gallon tanks from walmart and a long funnel. The funnel is a pain to get past the trap door but the price was right (have to slide the funnel in to hit one of the tabs then use a screw driver to depress the other side - then push the funnel in). It's not the ideal way but I can't justify $30 for a can x 3 or 4.

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