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"drano ramps", aka homemade race ramps

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I read somewhere the blue foam insulation is very similar to Race Ramp foam.
So I bought a 1" 4x8 sheet at the local big box store.
Cut it into 12" widths, adjusted length for a ladder effect, angled the cuts, and used spray adhesive for foam to glue them together.
Used them last weekend, and they worked great.
I laid a piece of board on the top segment so the trailer edge wouldn't cut into them.
Of course, Gary's true Race Ramps next to me looked cool, but mine only cost $20.
I'll try spraying some truck bed liner on a scrap piece. If it doesn't melt the foam, I'll spray them with that. If not, we'll just call them Ford Racing Blue. (ok, faded Ford Racing Blue).



OK, originality to KYBOSSLS, and I'm the impersonator ;D.
Glad my simple mind remembered the idea.


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ArizonaGT said:
Did you ever spray them with bedliner to check if it would eat the foam?
You can use polyester resin and fiberglass cloth on the foam then coat it with the bed liner spray. Think surfboard or RC plane wings. Check out Tower Hobbies for the resins and lightweight fiberglass cloth if you want a super strong setup.


Wow, this thread got pulled up from the dead.

No, I haven't sprayed them yet. Its winter now, so no painting. Maybe I'll give it a try when the ice age moves back north.

Puffer, glad you found this post and able to spin off the idea to save some $$$.

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