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Drive Mode/exhaust valve issues


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Question for you guys. Has anyone ever had the active exhaust get stuck in one setting (open in this case) and be unable to change drive modes? Just took the car out on the track for the first time and after the first session, The car would no longer switch drive modes, and the exhaust seems to be stuck in track mode (full open) but the display showed it to be in normal mode (and would not switch modes). I tried unplugging/replugging the exhaust solenoids with no effect and tried to reset everything by disconnecting the battery, also with no effect.

I did the rest of the day in "normal mode" Car was super fun anyway, but the traction control was almost always on :).

Just wanted to see if there was anything else I should try before taking it to the dealer.

BTW the car is a 2017 350R.



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Man and here I am stuck in normal mode. Started my car today and it doesn't want to switch driver modes.

Update-drove ge car for about 45 mins, then went I got to my destination shut it off, let it sit for 10 mins and started up and everything worked fine.

Although, I did notice when I got in it today it had a message on .the display saying systems shut down to save battery or something like that. Last week I did disconnect the battery to relocate my autoblip but other than that nothing changed.
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