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Driverless F1? Is that going to draw an audience?


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Saw this today on Autoweek:

I can't imagine looking forward to watching a pro auto race where there are no human drivers. I just can't. But it certainly sounds like it might become a reality here pretty soon. Wonder how many people will be interested in watching the 24 Hours of Le Mans/Daytona or Monaco, or V8 Supercars, all running RC cars. Maybe it'll be fun to watch. :idontknow:


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I do like watching BattleBots from tyme to tyme but they're trying demolish each other. And as xr7 wrote above, at that point I just as much watch Demo Derby. Take the driver out of the car and it's just not the same sport and shouldn't be advertised in the same vain.
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Im surprised how many young people i talk to that prefer to watch someone else play a video game on twitch over playing the video game themselves.
I don't understand this. I know it's popular, but I don't get it. I guess it's like watching pro athletes and trying to learn from them, but lame.
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This is the comedy gold I come here for!

This whole thing is dumb, but I'm becoming a dinosaur just because I can remember (vaguely) a time before all this digital craziness and I just can't relate to whatever is going on in Chinese spyware social media land.

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