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Driver's side mirror moving to the left

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It may be my imagination, but I may have an issue with my driver's side mirror. On at least 3 occasions now, I've had to adjust the mirror to the right (back toward the car) as it seems to be working its way left on its own. Each time it's been several days apart, so maybe it's just my imagination or maybe I'm sitting in the seat differently, but each time it's been the same mirror and the same direction. Just curious if anyone else has noticed this.
YES!!! The first time I thought I may have moved it washing the car, but after a few hundred more miles at the same seat position , it is definitely creeping to the left. 1025 miles...
Well good to know it's not just me. Hopefully others will chime in here (or hopefully not :D). If it's a widespread problem, I'm guessing TSB, but maybe we just got two anomolies. In any event, I'd like to gather more data before rushing to replace it. I'm at about 1500 miles.
I MAY have solved this mystery. I generally drive with both windows down as the Mustang cockpit has this mysteriously wonderful design where the airflow isn't turbulent at all even on the highway. However, it's been so cool this spring that I've driven with the windows up quite a bit and as hard as it is to admit, actually used the heater a couple times. Well anyway, the other day I'm driving and it's in the low 50s so I have just the driver's window down, which I almost never do (usually both up or down) and I notice some turbulence created by having the passenger window up shaking the driver's side mirror. My guess is that scenario is cuasing the puzzling leftward movement of the mirror "on its own".

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