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Driveshaft Length

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I have been trying to get some numbers on the length of the stock driveshaft? Only answer I have gotten is 55 3/4? Can anyone else confirm that. I have measured for mine and I was just curious to make sure I am in the right ball park. Many of you know my story of my DSS that failed so they are going to send me out another at a different length. They are saying because my car is lowered on sport lines it needs a shorter shaft which I understand. My measurements came up at 55 3/8 but that was with a tape measure and the car up on a jack. Not the most accurate way of measuring. Realistically I would need another person to help me take the correct measurement so as to be exact. Thanks in advance


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To get a proper measurement for your Boss, you need to measure your car, not the driveshaft. You should place the car on an alignment rack, (or drive on lift), and raise the car. The suspension can not hang. Then measure from the face of the transmission output shaft yoke to the face of the pinion flange.

You may, (key is word is may), have to remove the the DS to get a straight line measurement. Hope this helps, but your DS vendor should already know the stock DS length. They should have replaced enough of them, right? And remember, you are not the only mustang owner that has installed the Sport lines, they are a very popular spring set up for the S197's.

Good luck and post up when you find the fix.
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