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Driving other BOSS'

So I attended our anual car show yesterday,( which my 13 RR BOSS won best 2000 and up car for the second straight year), and I was asked by our local Ford dealership to bring along the 12 PW BOSS that they got in on a trade last month. Of course I jumped at the idea and parked it right next to mine. While driving it, I noticed how much different the mods that I have done, really effected my car for the better. I have the BMR UCA, bracket,LCA's and relo brackets, T springs which I thought would have been the most noticeable. Actually the most noticeable difference to me was the removed clutch helper spring, the whiteline tranny insert and the GT500 axle backs. Im sure that if I were to get her going, the springs and suspension would have made the biggest diff, but at normal driving speeds, the little things made the biggest difference.
Anyone else get the chance to back to back a stock BOSS and a modded one?
I happen to own 2 Bosses, both 2012, one is an L/S, stock and a regular Boss, some what modified.
The modified boss has an MGW shifter, big difference although the L/S Boss shifted much better than the regular Boss shifter. When I drive the L/S it seems like a mile between gears,
MRT mid pipe, much deeper sound that really comes on at mid range. A little nosier in the cabin but not objectionable. I also wrapped it with heat shield to quite some low RPM resonance, 1000-1200 RPM area, it seemed to help.
Ford Racing Boss lowering springs, I don't really notice a much of a difference in ride, maybe slightly stiffer but it sure looks better.
Ford Racing gauge pod with FR gauges, oil temp instead of what ever that one fancy gauge thingy is, it is nice to monitor oil temps.

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