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Dynamic Coilovers - Need Help Finding Info

Hi Everyone:

I'm looking for information on the Dynamic coilovers that came on the FR500C's. The blue ones with the very large diameter front shafts and canisters. I'm considering buying a used pair but before I do I want to make sure I'm not wasting my money. I've been seaching online for hours and cannot find much of anything about them.

I understand that they are very high quality coilover and the cost of the ones that come on the new 302s are $5-6k or more (I'm not sure if the older ones are the same type with the very large diameter front shafts). The Multimatic website mentions Dynamic Suspension but there is little useful info.

I'm trying to get a feel for what a fair price would be for used set, whether they need rebuilding often, price to rebuild and who does it? Also, if there would be any significant issues with fitting them on my 2012 and whether they would work with MM camber plates.

If anyone know's anything about these specific coilovers or even a website for Dynamic, I would appreciate the info. Right now I'm flying blind so anything would be helpful. Pro's, cons...really any insight would be great.

Thanks everyone

FWIW, Dynamic is part of Multimatic.
So it is their own coilover. As you likely know, Multimatic makes some really top notch stuff. They do OE suspension tuning for many companies (camaro ZL1 magnetic suspension, Aston martins, AMG cars) and not only do they build the BOSS302S cars, but they also build the Vantages used in Conti Challenge. They have a 5 post shock dyno etc and simulate tracks when tuning shocks...pretty serious stuff! Even aftermarket suspension companies go through them for tuning (eg: KW, Tokico).

In any case, I'm quite certain you can have it rebuilt by them. They are local to me - Toronto, Ontario. Canada.

Oh and you may have read this already...but is this what you are getting:
Sean, call Multimatic and ask them about the dampers. There will be no better source for information. ;)

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