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Electric Vehicles are Here: EV Owners Check-In


Here's a one year update on our Tesla Model 3 ownership:

It's been a year and a couple of days since we took possession of our Model 3 on May 31, 2018. During the first six months it had four visits to the local service center for a few manufacturing defects, mostly paint, software issues and one bad HVAC sensor. In the past six months no visits. The software issues were finally resolved through WiFi updates and I no longer have any issues with the car. The constant updates to the Enhanced Auto Pilot and Enhanced Cruise Control have been nice and we use ECC all of the time. The car now has 15,002 miles on it.

As part of the purchase and charger install we received the following tax credits and rebates:

$7,500 Federal Tax Credit on the purchase
$1,000 Federal Tax Credit on the $1,650 charger installation. This was unusually expensive due to the location of my electric box and not typical
$2,500 CA rebate for purchasing an EV
$500 rebate on the $500 Tesla Charger from my local utility
$300 rebate for purchasing an EV from my local utility

Range Anxiety: I was a bit concerned about this up front but it's pretty much been non existent. In fact we don't charge the car everyday although many owners charge their car to full everyday. So basically you never leave home without a full charge if you don't want to. My wife has made a few trips to the Bay Area, 130+ mile each direction, and charges the car next to a Starbucks when she stops for a drink. She hasn't run down far enough to where she was concerned about the range. So for a suburban area here in NorCal it's a non issue for most. There are Super Chargers every where and several local retailers have installed chargers that are free! I don't expect that to last long before they start charging you for a charge. We're paying on average 11 cents per KwH. We're not on tiered pricing based on hours but we typically charge the car overnight when the demand on the grid is less and when we aren't running our AC.

As part of one of the software updates the range was increased from 310 to 325 miles. Nice. With me driving and constantly testing the instant acceleration I'd never get 325 miles per charge.

One nice thing about this car and most EV's is they have regen braking and there's virtually no brake dust on the wheels. During one of my service visits I asked one of the mechanics how long brakes are lasting and he commented that they don't touch the brakes very often but they just replaced the pads on a Model S for the first time at over 150,000 miles.

Oh and the fart app has been a gas. :D



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Power cut offs will also affect gas stations....if they haven't burned up by now...........I'm not making light of the seriousness of the fires raging in Cali!!! Many homes have been lost and I don't know if there have been any loss of life...but I do know many are in peril and may have lost all they had......All are in my prayers!.....:(


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Humans are responsible for most of this carnage in Cali..............someone needs to be gonna happen, that's why this sh*t continues..............................................................................


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5-10 Years
Let the folks there figure out who to blame.

I hope they fix the problem and people stop loosing their lives and property while others make political hay from the suffering.

I tell my people.....Fix the Problem, not the Blame.

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