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Eliminate Buffeting w/ Rear Seat Out?

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Hey folks - goofy question here...First my scenario;
I have removed the back seat on my GT, made my own "seat delete" kit (looks pretty bad...but..oh well). I want to simply remove it during track days to (1) make it super easy to access rear seat anchor points for my harness and (2) reduce any weight and sound deadening (I'd rather hear the car more). Last year for S&Gs I removed the seat cushion and lowered the back seats in a "lets see what happens" attempt:

Holy crap - so much buffeting that shook my head like crazy on the front straight of NJMP Thunderbolt. I imagine it's the air pouring into the window, going into the trunk and bouncing off the back lid/trunk that makes it go crazy. Has anyone experienced this or have any makeshift ideas (its my dd so no cutting metal or glass removing)? I guess I could leave the delete kit back there...but I'd rather not...I could just bolt the sob where the seats had bolted in prior.
Open the trunk??? ;D Seriously I don't think the extra weigth of the delete kit is going to make .001 seconds difference. I have the kit and it only weighs 12 lbs. Weight in the rear of our cars isn't the best place to elminate it.
I think its more me being lazy and not wanting to fasten it down with bolts/ would be easier to just take it out for the track :)
Now I'm looking for battery relocation kits to move some of the front weight to the back :)
If you move the battery to the trunk you should put a bulk head in the pass through. If done like I did it will be stronger than the Boss LS x brace. Many sanctioning bodies require a bulk head if the battery is in the trunk for safety reasons.



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