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Embracing our rights!! T.T. Laguna Seca content

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Now with technology changing as quickly as it is and the Mustang turning into a muscle car that is not to be taken lightly on the street or track, the aftermarket scene is quickly keeping up with it. In 2012, Ford released the Laguna Seca BOSS which became one of the most feared and respected mustangs out there. What can you say; it’s a beautiful and well-built car from factory. With it being set up for the road course, and coming with a forged motor, it will meet the criterions of today’s racer.

This is #21 on the production list. For those who do know that the first few were destroyed in the accident so you could pretty much consider this one as #3 (not being accurate. Just messing around) But this car is 100% untouched. Never even seen the track key! This is a perfect candidate for this Twin Turbo build. Now when this was sent to us, we were instructed to use only the best parts to complete the build and take our time. So we did this and I will say that we nailed it!

Now there’s no need to go into detail on this installation of this kit because it has been done before. We also have seen no need for a stock dyno pull because we again all know the range we are seeing with the BOSS mustangs on pump. But what I am going to show you is the exhaust we picked for this build and the end results.

We got with the guys over at MRT because they make a 3” Stainless steel Off Road X pipe that works with the factory side exhaust.

This is a very well designed piece and it bolts right up to the flow tubes and works with the factory clamps. No problems with the down pipe connection either.

We also got with the guys from Kooks and wanted to run the 3” Flow tube into their Axle Back. You can see the quality and time that Kooks put into these pipes. We were very impressed.

Now…….. With the install……… This was the turning point for all the items….. It could not have been easier to do. The complete exhaust was up and mounted in no time (with proper tools and a lift)

You can see how it runs perfect to the set up for the factory side exhaust pipes too

Now after this was put up, we started on the flow tube and axle back part. When installing this, you should always go back to front. (Mufflers  flowtubes) They come in a 3 section set up. This allows more adjust ability and for easier installation.

Once it is all installed, I wanted to make sure there is enough clearance between the panhard brace and the tube. Well…. It was a perfect fit!!

On both sides!

So now that the exhaust is done, it’s time we check out what it looks like under the hood and see the real magic behind this build..

As you can see, this is a normal looking Boss motor. As stated before, with having the forged internals, it gives you a sense of security and thus allowing us to play more. But in this car’s case, no need to set a record or make something crazy. What we did to keep the Leguna Seca theme, is we had the hot side of the piping black jet coated. This will get rid of the stainless steel look and give it a clear end product while reducing the heat significantly. We were seeing about 300degree exhaust temps compared to the 400+ with it being raw pipe. We also had the cold side coated in the same red as you see on the car.

This came out amazing I will say. This is an option we have when ordering the turbo kit. About a $700 + upgrade though. Other sources are to wrap the turbo and piping which will work very well too and we always recommend.

So with the Twin turbo kit and exhaust installed, it was time to hit the rollers and have Chris create a custom tune using the SCT software

Instead of running a controller, we went a cheaper route and added in Boost T’s that are made by Turbo Smart. With not running high boost, this will help us regulate what we see under 10lbs.

On the first pull, we left the boost only on wastegate which is about 5lbs. But in all in all, we were very impressed. The second pull, we bumped it up to 7lbs and on the last pull, we made 8lbs. With a total of 17degree’s of timing on 93octane…… we were beyond happy. Had 79% humidity outside with a inside temp of 81degrees

I took the 3 videos I had of the 5llb pull with gauge as well as the 8lb pull and put it together. (my first video using new software so bare with me. LOL)

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

The end result was………. Well read below

5lb Dyno Graph

7lb Dyno Graph

8lb Dyno Graph

Finished Product

The next day, she was street driven, adjusted and put on the trailer and headed back to the owner’s home.

Stay Tuned for more!

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