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End Links contacting front strut?

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Got a really odd one, that I’m hoping someone here has some ideas on.

Cars been running with BMR front bar on full stiff, and SPL end links. Camber was set at -3.1

After my last track day, I wanted more camber so car went in and we just did SPL Lower control arm, and tension rods. Came off the alignment rack with a healthy -3.6

Just got the car home and put the car up on my lift - the drivers side sway bar end links are up against the bottom of the strut. The passenger side has plenty of clearance.

Any ideas?


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Melbourne Australia
As you have changed the 2 lower suspension arms, my guess is they weren't set evenly side to side.
If most of your camber gain is via the 2 bolts on the strut to hub connection you may not notice the lower control arm difference. Quick check on the BMR sway bars shows it has locating rings to stop the bar moving side to side so it should be central. Would just confirm from the engine bay anyway or measure from ends to chassis.
Tape measure is your best friend here. Compare the locations of the key components to a fixed reference on each side.

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