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engine turned aluminum at home...

FWIW here's a cheap way to do "engine turned" aluminum in your garage.
1. find a piece of round wood dowel, (whatever side you need it comes from 1/4 all the way to 1 inch) at a hardware store.
2. chuck it up in your drill press
3. measure the center to center spacing on your aluminum sheet and mark them with a Sharpie
4. feed the material under the drill press (or if you have a steady hand a regular drill) and press down on your center to center marks, (they don't have to be perfect but they should be darned close.
5. the dowel will make the swirls in the aluminum at an even spacing (make the dowel length as short as possible to prevent "walking")
6. remove any leftover marks with lacquer thinner.
7. You now have a couple of choices, you can clear coat it, or find some hobby store candy apple model paint and "mist" it on and then clear coat it. Doing the candy thing will tint the aluminum red/ purple/ blue..whatever and makes for some cool effects.
8. if you screw up the paint then just erase it with the lacquer thinner and start over.
9. if you are going to cut holes in it for gauges, do that before you paint it, but after you "engine turn" it.


Rob thanks for the tip. That looks great!

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