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Exhaust actuators replacement wait

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I've been locked out of the drive selection mode for almost 2 months now. Dealer says they need some exhaust actuators parts that apparently haven't come in yet. Anyone heard anything similar?
So you've been stuck in stealth mode for two months? That would suck.
I have. And it does suck donkey"s ballz. Normal mode should be renamed "90 year old granny drives to church on sunday morning mode".
Rick, have tried unplugging one or both of the pigtails to the actuators? I had the same issue my first 400 miles. I would reset them by unplugging and the reattaching the pigtails. I think my passenger side pigtail wasn't seated correctly. Eventually it seated right and I have not had any issues sense. Additionally the pigtails are cheap if it's a wiring problem. I hear the actuators aren't offered separate of a new exhaust. Sucks man. Hope they make it right soonest.

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